Ceiling and wall

Perforations for ceilings and walls

In today’s construction where there is a great focus on low energy consumption, this often means that walls and ceilings are left as hard concrete surfaces.

This is where Dan-How’s perforation and felt application options come into play. For both ceilings and walls, different types of perforated slatted systems, with felt glued to the back, can contribute to major improvements in the reverberation in the rooms where these solutions are set up.

As an added bonus, the applied felt also acts as an effective dust filter which helps to clean the rooms and places where the perforated ceiling and wall slats are used.

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All-purpose perforations for ceilings and walls

Perforation of surfaces for use in both ceiling and wall profiles/slats can be done with a decorative cut to let it become part of the room’s architectural design.

At Dan-How, we specialize in creating perforations for ceilings and walls.

What should I be aware of?

  • The material selection
  • The placement of the holes
  • Hole size and the total amount of holes. This is e.g. important in order to achieve an optimal sound absorption effect.

Below you can see some examples of the perforation work we have done for the category ceilings and walls.


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