Exterior sun protection

Perforations for exterior sun protection

Enjoy daylight and privacy with exterior perforated sun protection, whether it is in your private home, an institution or in the company.

The external blind can be adjusted in relation to the light and since the lamella itself is perforated, it will provide a pleasant light incidence into the room, without people from the outside being able to look in.

In addition, a well-perforated exterior sunshade can reduce the need for air conditioning. In comparison, an air conditioner uses about 3 times as much energy to lower the room temperature by 1 degree as if you use external blinds.

With an effective sun protection and perforation, you still enjoy the light – keep the heat out and let the light in, as needed.

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Exterior sun protection for all purposes

By using perforated external blinds, it will be possible to achieve a reduction of the dazzling daylight and the external solar heating, including a sharp reduction of the harmful UV rays.

The percentage of daylight still allowed to pass through the blinds makes it possible to maintain a partial and holistic view through the window.

At Dan-How, we specialize in creating perforations for various types of exterior sun protection.

What should I be aware of?

  • Material selection
  • The placement of the holes
  • The surface coating
  • The desired light

Below you can see some examples of the perforation work we have done for the category Exterior  sun protection


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