Perforations for ventilation

Perforated pipes in metal are used, among other things, for transporting hot or cold air for heating or cooling, for example, caravans and various types of boats. We produce thousands of meters of this type of microperforation every year.

The product is extremely popular as it provides optimal distribution of hot and cold air without it being felt as draft.

The possibilities regarding the utilization of perforated products for ventilation are great. You are always welcome to contact us to hear more.

Perforation for any purpose of ventilation

Perforated metal pipes and similar types of perforated pipes are ideal for use in airborne heating and/or cooling of all types of premises, both in industry and private homes.

However, it is not only in homes and buildings that this product type is used. Airborne heating and cooling is also a widespread concept in many newer caravans and boats.

What do I need to be aware of?

  • Material selection
  • The placement of the holes
  • Possible dust problems

Below you can see some examples of the perforation work we have done for the category Ventilation


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